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Yellowhammer – native bird species in Germany

Yellowhammer - A bright yellow bird
Surname yellowhammer (Emberiza citrinella)
Size 15.5 – 17 cm
distribution Europe, Central Asia
habitat open and semi-open landscapes, forest clearings
breeding season April – September
food Seeds, insects, spiders

The yellowhammer can also be observed in winter in this country and is therefore also known under the name “winter lark”. Even before most other bird species in Germany, the yellowhammer lets its metallic-sounding song sound.


The yellowhammer is slightly larger than a sparrow and can be distinguished from it by its longer tail. In the breeding plumage, the male yellowhammer is easily recognized by the bright golden-yellow head, which also gives this bird its name. The female with more greenish plumage has a partially yellow colored head. In addition, the male has a rust-brown chest. For both sexes of the yellowhammer, however, it is true that they have dark stripes, a rusty brown rump and light-edged tail and flight feathers.


The yellowhammer is a cultural successor and lives in open, varied structured cultural landscapes, for example on the edge of fields or on meadows that are interspersed with bushes. The yellowhammer also finds its food here: mainly seeds, but also spiders and insects.

behavior and knowledge

The yellowhammer can be observed here in Germany all year round. Depending on the period, however, there are completely different things to see and hear. During the breeding season (from mid-April to early September), the male’s plumage can be admired. Outside the breeding season, yellowhammers can also be observed in larger groups, which is also very attractive. In winter, with a bit of luck, you can lure the yellowhammer into your own garden with a ground feeding station and seeds. And as early as March, the song of the yellowhammer can be heard, even before other songbirds make themselves felt. Watching the yellowhammer never gets boring all year round.

Cover photo by Mario Haack on Pixabay


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