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Winter birds in Germany

Even in winter, numerous birds can be observed in the garden, at the bird feeder or in the park. We summarize which birds also feel at home in Germany during the cold season and can be discovered.

birds in winter

Of course, the most well-known bird species in the German winter include robins, sparrows, tits and finches. But less well-known bird species such as the jay or the bullfinch also feel at home with us in winter. The latter, with its beautiful red breast, is one of the more conspicuous winter birds. The same goes for the yellowhammer: it stands out with its bright yellow plumage.

invading birds

In some winters, so-called invasive birds can be observed. Large numbers of these migrate to us from the north and east and, under certain conditions, give up population areas over a large area. These invasive birds include the Brambling, Waxwing and Siskin, among others.

From the pigeon family

The city pigeon, the wood pigeon and the collared pigeon are resident birds in Central Europe. So they spend the winter in their breeding areas and do not move south during the cold season. Individual birds from northern and eastern Europe also spend the winter with us.

Migratory birds decide to stay

Due to the milder winters, birds such as the black redstart and the blackcap, especially in southern Germany, are beginning to spend the colder months of the year here as well.

Tip: Bird feeding is a great way to get a closer look at the winter guests. Here you can find out what needs to be considered when feeding in winter and which food is best suited.

Cover photo by Gabi on Pixabay

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