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wild bird food


wild bird food is fundamentally different from birdseed for non-native birds.

Wild bird food collared pigeon
Collared Pigeon, Streptopelia decaocto

Wild birds are bird species that occur in their natural environment and, in special cases, come to the feeding station. Here can then wild bird food Tobe offered.
The birdseed offered in the trade is hardly manageable for the layman. Components of the mixtures can only be recognized with difficulty, so it is a Sisyphean task to find the optimal feed.

On my side Wild bird food test I did that for you! Exotic birds, ornamental birds and others that are bred and/or caged have different dietary requirements.

Buy wild birdseed

Even if I like to support the regional providers, I have to advise buying bird seed online. Here you can usually find out more quickly and clearly what is on the market, and prices are easier to compare. Here, in the current test, you can find out more. A subscription is worthwhile for passionate bird lovers who feed a lot. This allows savings of up to 10%. Take a look at my favorite products from this perspective as well.

Wild bird feed summer

An old saying goes “the devil is in the details”. Many things play a role in addition to the price. Should be fed in summer and in winter? Does my feeding place tolerate “dirt” from falling shells and faeces. There is for example shell-free lining or individual components for summer food that can be added. I am thinking here of dried mealworms that can be added to normal compound feed as a source of protein. Or raisins for the soft eaters.

My recommendation – wild bird food without wheat

Why no wheat? Many birds that come to the feeder don’t like wheat! Only sparrows and buntings like to eat it. But since mostly tits come to the aviary, the TOP recommendation is a mixture without wheat. For a feeding station on the outskirts or in rural areas Wheat be included. Feed with wheat is suitable for bottom feeding because of its coarse grain.


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