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Settle birds in the garden – that’s how it works!

It’s nice to sit in the garden or on the balcony while the birds warble and chirp in all tones. Blackbird, thrush, finch and starling and the whole flock of birds. But what can you do if not a single tone is heard? Why isn’t the feed accepted in the garden?

Create a bird friendly garden

Without flora there is no fauna. Animals need trees, bushes, flowers and grasses. But over the last few years I have seen time and again that many people have their properties asphalted because they no longer have time to tend to their gardens. A garden does not always have to be well maintained and trimmed as accurately as an English garden. On the contrary – animals, whether birds, squirrels or hedgehogs, are happy when they can still find something or hide. Birds and hedgehogs look for insects and worms that are on and under the ground or on plants. Squirrels like to look for nuts that can be found on and under the tree. But the flora not only serves the animals as food, but also as a place of refuge, where they can get to safety from enemies and also where they can nest.

Plant equals plant – or not?

You now want to throw yourself into gardening and plant your garden. You no longer need to go to the hardware store, as most plants and trees are already available for purchase on the Internet. So many bright colors that will look beautiful in the garden. But many of these plants are not normally native here and therefore not common. Animals are skeptical of anything new. Of course, we now have animals in this country that were brought in by transporting a wide variety of goods from various continents, but our native fauna will not dare to approach them at first. Really only rely on plants that also occur in the region. Fruit and nut trees, for example apple trees or chestnuts, are a little joy for people and animals. When it comes to flowers and shrubs, you should always use native species.

Nettle – good for humans & Animal (Source: Adobe Stock)

Very many people uproot some plants, such as nettles, thistles or dandelions, which are often considered weeds. But weeds are also plants that are sometimes needed in nature. Thistles and dandelions can look very pretty in the garden with their colors and are direct food for birds and insects. Tea can be prepared from stinging nettles, which relieves stomach and menstrual problems, lowers blood pressure and strengthens the immune system. The stinging nettle also acts as a facial tonic against skin irritations. Weeds are sometimes useful not only for our animals, but also for us.

Please also remember that birds need insects for food. These insects, such as worms or caterpillars, can be found on various plants and shrubs, but also on trees. Spiders, snails and beetles are also eaten by many species of birds that are often found in gardens.

Birds, here a great tit, like to eat insects (Source: Adobe Stock)

My conclusion on this

Give variety to your garden. Of course, love needs to be put into a garden, but too much love can have a negative impact on the environment and also on your plants. Just let weeds grow and use them yourself. Rely on natural pest control by letting our little birds and insects do the work. In this way you make a contribution to animals and the environment without burdening them.

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