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Bird seed quality – why bother with it? When feeding the birds, the priority should be to protect the feathered darlings. Mistakes in bird seed selection can have devastating consequences.

Bird seed special raisins

An example of high-quality bird seed are these raisins. Important here that they are dry and not sticky. More examples of special bird food that meets the quality requirements are on the page Bird seed special presented. It is only a selection, especially with possible additions to conventional wild bird food.

And here are a few more suggestions for checking the quality of the bird seed:

  • do the birds eat the food completely or do many leftovers remain
  • the exact composition of the ingredients is given on the packaging, also clearly with information on the nutritional content
  • the feed is free of invasive plant components such as ragweed or jagged pods
  • it is possible to see how and how often the bird seed was cleaned before it is sold
  • there are recommendations, certifications from bird protection associations such as NABU or LBV

The best birdseed quality is of no use if the food is presented incorrectly. The feeding place should be dry and protected from the weather. In rainy weather or high humidity, the birdseed should be checked at least once a day.

What you should never feed:

  • salty things, such as sausage, cheese, fat with salt, food leftovers
  • frozen food, including any additional food such as raisins, nuts or apples that are frozen through

Conclusion and Notes

A final important note concerns storage. There is usually a long expiry date on the packaging. This only applies if it is stored dry and clean. Cool and dark if possible. It is cheaper to buy bulk packs, but the food should not dry out and be left on for too long.

The price does not always say something about the bird seed quality, but mostly. Yes that’s the way it is. Here attempts are made to give suggestions, to be evaluated price-performance ratio. But also the proportion of plastics in the packaging. In addition to bird feed, there is information on bird feeders, bird feeding stations and also on bird species at the bird feeder.

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