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4 tips on how to keep the terrace or balcony clean after bird feeding

You probably know the problem of feeding the birds after the birds have had a good feast. There are shells of sunflower seeds or pieces of nuts that have fallen off everywhere. Some feeders don’t mind, but maybe you’re one of those who doesn’t want to clean their patio or balcony every time. Some landlords prohibit bird feeding because it creates too much mess. If you want to feed the birds, there are a few ways you can avoid having to reach for a mop every day.

1. Peanut Butter

You may be thinking now: “Peanut Butter for Birds? Isn’t that harmful?”. Of course, commercial peanut butter from the discount store is only suitable for us humans and should not be fed to animals, as it contains too much salt. However, there are peanut butters specially made for birds and squirrels that you can safely feed them. These are available in different variants such as with mealworms, fruit or nuts. The food is in jars that can be placed in different feeding stations. Alternatively, you can place the glass on a table or a tree trunk. However, it should be noted that the glass cannot fall down.

In addition to fruit and nut peanut butter, we also offer peanut butter with whole mealworms (Photo: M. Baum)

This peanut butter is compatible with various feeders. Whether made of wood, metal or recycled plastic – they all have that certain something and birds like to fly at them. Depending on the situation, these can be attached to a fence, tree or house wall and are easy to clean. Feeding jars are usually emptied down to the last crumb. Once empty, you can remove the old glass and put a new one in.

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2. Blocks of fat

As the name suggests, energy blocks or fat blocks contain a lot of fat and thus provide the birds with sufficient energy. However, this is not just about pure fat, because this feed is available from us in different varieties. Whether with berries, nuts, seeds, sunflower seeds or insects – at nist​kas​ten​-online​.de you will find different flavors that every garden bird will like. This birdseed is marked with the logo “vom NABU and LBV recommended”.

Birds like this great spotted woodpecker love our fat blocks (Photo: Victoria Baum)

There are different variants of this food that allow feeding. So you can put it in a holder that is attached to a hook on the tree or on the house wall. This type of bird seed also leaves no traces on the ground.

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3. Energy cake

Of course, this is not cake as we know it. Because here, too, the usual ingredients such as sugar and flour would not be suitable for birds. Energy cakes for birds are made from nutritious beef tallow.

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Energy cake – A high-fat alternative to the well-known fat balls (Photo: Victoria Baum)

Here, too, there are different variants that are available from us. In addition to the original variant, which only contains beef tallow, there are the “with sunflower seeds” and “with insects” varieties. You can hang up these cakes on the suspension that is also available from us. Thanks to the fine frame, the birds can hold on tight and feast with relish.

4. Shellless lining

Robins also like to eat shellless food and thus do not leave any remains of the shell (Source: Adobe Stock)

You can also feed birds with litter without it crumbling. However, you should note that only bird seed without a shell is suitable for this purpose.

At nist​kasten​ten​-online​.de you will find sunflower seeds, blanched & chopped peanuts that are already shelled and suitable for many bird feeders. With our sunflower seeds and peanuts, which are offered with their shells, there are always leftovers that end up on the floor. Some birders don’t mind, but if clean feeding is desired, only shellless ones are suitable.

Here you will find our variety of food without shell

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